Enhancing eCommerce One Picture At a Time

Enhancing eCommerce One Picture At a Time

As eCommerce continues to boom these days, the importance of quality advertisement can make or break a start-up eCommerce business. Words alone will not entice consumers to click and purchase products. It takes quality writing, a creative eye, and more importantly, rich and detailed eCommerce product photography. Potential customers do not have the advantage of holding the product in their hands, so they need accurate representations of the look and feel of their purchases without having it in their possession.

Companies these days are setting aside huge budgets in hopes that one quality product photo will ultimately lead to success. The days of low quality pictures are a thing of the past. Ecommerce businesses are using high resolution pictures with creative backdrops that play on the basic emotions of the consumer. These photos show elegant details from as many angles as possible to invoke an emotional purchase.

Not only are these pictures capturing the product in detail, they are utilizing a background that is more related to the products use. For example, a simple sport and action camera photographed on a basic generic stand wouldn’t give the consumer a true depiction of its purpose. Take that same camera and attach it to a sports helmet that is in action, on a rough and rugged trail, would give the consumer a realistic view that would create a moment of intensity and emotion that would make the buyer feel a part of the action.

Another technique is focusing on points of interest with human anatomy. They use what is called “eye tracking” that captures a models direct glare at the product being advertised in hopes that the buyer would focus on the product also. This is also used in the clothing industry by positioning the model in poses that focus on the item being sold like a pair of jeans, or an elegant dress or even a classic blouse or shirt. This allow the buyer to imagine the fit on themselves.

In summary, mere words and generic pictures will not suffice these days. Companies are setting aside big money to enable the consumer to visualize themselves with the product in hopes of having them come back to buy their product and hopefully give other potential costumer positive feedback. This is why quality photography is so important to eCommerce.

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