Get Professional Product Photography in South Florida

Get Professional Product Photography in South Florida


There are many who like to take their own shots. These people figure as long as they have the right equipment, than why not. Things like ecommerce photos and web shots seem simple enough. To a pint they are simple enough to do.

However, if you are really going to get into the thick of things, you are going to need a professional are your side. Now some of you might be asking the same question that everyone asks at this point.

This is a perfectly reasonable question to ask. Allow me to answer this question with a few simple points. These points are more like benefits. However, these few points will hopefully impress upon you the very point I am trying to make.

1) Now some might think that the grade of paper being used and the quality is the top benefit. Well, you’d be half right. The quality of paper and film all depends on the person doing the pictures. Some like to use Kodak film. Others prefer Fuji film. I will be the first to tell you that Fuji is the best one to use. If you use a product photographer that uses this grade, you are going to be in good hands.

2) Professionals only use the top brands in the business. This means they use Type 1 amazon product photography, as opposed to Type 2 and 3.

What does this mean?

TYPE 1–This is film footage taken form the original negative within the first two years of it being taken.

TYPE 2--It’s the same picture from the negative, but it’s after the two year period.

TYPE 3-5–These are all involving reproductions from the original negative. it’s like a duplicate of the original film still.

Most people can’t tell the difference, unless they do this for a living or they have a good eye for detail. Even if this is true, sometimes the eyes play tricks on you. This is why you need to hire a professional. He or she will only be using Type 1 film footage. Most professionals will only use Type 2 as a backup. The other types they will not use.

3) Professionals will only be using professional equipment. They will also know how to store the pictures correctly. Now some of you might know how to do this too. Only if you have done it before though or have been taught by someone.

Taking pictures is one thing. Getting in-depth with it requires professionalism. Which is why you should think about hiring a professional photographer here in South Florida. There are plenty to choose from. Just think about the kinds of pictures you want, be it for a web show or anything else. Look for a professional who can deliver these results in real-time.

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