Everything you should know about Home décor photography and Jewelry Photography

Everything you should know about Home décor photography and Jewelry Photography

Jewelry and home décor or interior photography are the two most lucrative photography for photographers. Both of this photography is mainly indoor shoots. However, Jewelry photography can sometimes go outdoors. Although in both of the cases, the subjects will be standing still, the photographer’s job is not easy anyway. So here, we will be describing some tips to help you with this photography.

First up, Jewelry photography:

  •       Clean Your Jewelry: The very first and very obvious step of Jewelry photography is to clean your pieces of Jewelry. Because when the digital camera starts blinking its eyes, things that are not seen with naked eyes will be revealed in the images. If your subjects do not need cleaning, then simply remove the dust and add some shine in it.
  •       Marco lenses are the best:Marco lenses are the best lenses for Jewelry photography. A compatible Marco lens will be a perfect combination with your DSLR to get you the spectacular images of your subject. Macro lenses have a shorter focal length that allows the photographer to work much closer, plus, in bigger pieces of Jewelry, it will reveal the details of every minute.
  •       Keep it simple:When your subject has too much of color combinations and sparkles in its designs, you gotta keep it as simple as possible. Because the best way to photograph these kinds of pieces of Jewelry to photograph them on its own. Keep the piece on top of a reflective surface and then take the photo. It’s that simple.
  •       Stabilize the camera:Use a tripod if needed. It will not only stop the camera from shaking, but it will also keep your subject in the same position you want it to keep in. This way, you won’t have to worry about other things and just make sure that your focus and lighting are perfect before you click.


Now come the Home décor Photography tips:

  •       Keep the lights off: keeping the lights off in the times of interior photography is a consensus. Keep the lights off for each photo you click of interior design. It will help to get the natural feeling in your images. Plus, keeping the lights on may cause sort of shadows on the walls, floors or the types of furniture. This is another reason to keep the lights off at the time of interior photography.
  •       Working with layers:In most of the cases, the photographer has to click bracketed shots at varying exposure. Photographers tend to do that to get a natural feel in their images subtly.
  •       Don’t go wider:Wide angle lens shots may rule, but not in the cases of interior design photography. When you are clicking photos of home décor, do not go much wide.


So, these are some tips you may want to follow for your next project of Jewelry photography or Home décor photography. These simple tips are going to help the beginners big time. Try them now.

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