Increase Your Etsy Earning Potential With High Quality Product Photos

Increase Your Etsy Earning Potential With High Quality Product Photos

Etsy is the biggest online marketplaces for artists, crafters and vintage sellers. The international online market community offers a unique plat form from which artists and crafters are able to sell and share their work. Esty’s reputation is almost as immense as the sites online catalog. With so many retailers on Etsy it can be difficult to be noticed among the ranks of happy crafters and artists. Because of the fierce competition, for many, gaining hearts, clicks and sales on Etsy is easier said than done.

As an Etsy seller you must grab a potential buyers attention visually. This is a market where first impressions are the only ones that count. Beautiful photos are necessary to have a successful Etsy shop. As an Etsy seller you must make the most of your photograph, quickly grabbing your audience and selling them on your craft, art, handmade item or vintage goods. The first chance is the last chance in the competitive Etsy world of handcrafted goods. Curated galleries and Pinterest boards are easy ways to spread your shop but the first step is always the photograph.

The right picture is worth a thousand words. The photo is the foundation of every Etsy listing. The wrong foundation and the listing will crumble. Professional photos can highlight the quality of your goods and answer some essential questions for the buyer. Questions like, “how big is it?” and “what does it feel like?” can easily be answered through visual cues. Professional product photos can also display the object in it intended environment, showing the consumer just how the object may be useful within their own life.

The main photo on a listing should be able to tell potential buyers a story, it should be evocative and enlightening as to the nature of the product, as well to the style of the maker. From the one photo, the viewer should gain a concise sense of what the item is and what the items purpose is. Lastly, as it will be seen in a community of artists, the photo must be beautiful.

Photographs with interesting compositions, skillfully used backgrounds and expert use of color and texture cues, can drive more people to click on your photo. Professional photos have the ability to focus the right kind of attention on your product and leave viewers with an understanding of your products form as well as its function.

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