Why not to use a lightbox for Professional Product Photography

Why not to use a lightbox for Professional Product Photography

Selling products hasn’t been easy for most individuals especially when they are required to publish photos of those items. The image of a product is the first aspect a buyer looks at while shopping. If the product photo is not clear, the buyer might be discouraged to buy the item. You should, therefore, look for a professional in product photography. He or she will help you in taking quality photos for your advert.


To create quality photos for your product, you need to have a good and an attractive background. A good background eliminates distractions and lets your product be the only feature in the photos. Whichever the item you are selling, you would like to see it whether it is small, large or even medium. While selling items you perhaps do not need in your house, any photo can help. However, when it comes to business advertisement, you should have professional and attractive photos.

A Lightbox

A lightbox is a clear translucent surface that is illuminated from the backside. It is used in instances where a shape placed over the surface requires high contrast. There are various varieties of lightboxes depending on the application.


Using a lightbox for professional product photography might not be recommended. People try to explain the concept behind this, but the reasons are quite obvious. The lighting in the lightbox might be poorly done, and this might impact on the quality of the photos taken. They might be too bright or dull.

Only a professional would be in a position to disclose whether or not the lighting is done well. If you do the lighting, then you should have a long experience in product photography.

Use a Unique Background

A frosty background for the product photos might make it difficult to differentiate between your photos and those of other sellers. You should choose a unique background that is different from that of your competitors. Buyers would be able to identify your products and make it easy in retracing their search.

Quality photos play an integral role in your advertisements. They display the features of whatever you are selling. A good advertisement will surely increase your net sales. Therefore, you should hire a professional to help you in this project. Choose an appropriate background that is original and unique.

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